An Epic Tale in an Age Undreamed Of

Dawnforge is a campaign setting cut from a different cloth. The world of Eadar is one relatively new in the scope of the cosmos – civilizations are just reaching their peaks, magic runs through the world like a primal vein of untapped power, and the lands awaits heroes to forge legends that will be told throughout the ages to come. The campaign is one of high fantasy, where the lights shine brighter and the darkness grows stronger. Eadar stands upon an age of epic heroes, great empires, high magic, legendary beasts, and titanic conflicts. These are the first days of the world.

In Eadar, it is a time of endless possibilities, and heroes can chart their own course and determine their own destinies. It is an age of wonder ,and true heroes can become legends. A dwarven warrior forges a new clan and gives his name to a legacy that will endure for centuries. A trueborn lord wins a throne and changes the course of history. An elven wizard weaves the threads of magic into an intricate tapestry and transforms his ancient craft into an art. A halfling disciple builds a church and gifts a new religion to her people.

Heroes in the Dawnforge campaign setting do not just retrace the paths of legend – they have a chance to create new ones. They do not just unearth the glory of the past – they can help to define their world and shape its future. In this mythic age, even fledgling heroes are guided by the heavy hand of fate. They may begin as novice sellswords, landless knights, apprentices and acolytes, but an epic destiny awaits those special few with the courage and fortune to seize it.

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Dawnforge Crucible of Legend

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