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The world of Eadar is broken up between three continents – civilized Ambria, jungle-infested Zangala, and untamed Tamerland.


Widely considered the cradle of civilization, the continent of Ambria is the most populated of Eadar. It is here where the dwarves carved their mighty kingdoms beneath the peaks of the Stormfell Mountains. It is here where the elven lords of Sildanyr wage a civil war against their evil cousins. It is here where the mighty giants of the north, united beneath the banner of the great Storm King, stand poised and ready to strike in the far northlands. And it is here where humans have raised great cities and fought many wars.


Little is known of the continent to the south of Ambria, except that it festers with great evil. Two great and terrible kingdoms sit within Zangala’s hold – the tiefling nation of the Valhedar Dominion and the yuan-ti beyond the rough Blackscale Mountains. The Azran Desert stands as the entrance to this inhospitable land, dominated by the tiefligns of Valhedar, but beyond that lies the Blackscale Mountains and the fetid jungle-home of the snake-like yuan-ti. A more evil and foreboding place one is unlikely to find in all of Eadar. The Summer Sea separates Zangala from Ambria to the north.


Recently discovered to the far west of Ambria is the untamed wilderness of Tamerland. Few colonies have been established in this uncharted region of the world, but already reports of mighty ruins and great magic have been reported from across the Sunset Reach, which spans the distance between the two continents.

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