Creating Heroes

Party of Heroes

The world of Eadar is rife with all manner of heroes and villains striving to shape the world in their own view and image. Your character is no different, so it is important to start with a well-developed individual that can grow into a great power – for good or evil.

Follow these steps to create your Dawnforge character:

  • Develop a concept. It is important to know what you want before you start getting into the nitty gritty details. Archetypes
  • Download the character sheet here
  • Pick your hero’s race, jotting down racial traits as appropriate on your character sheet. Note any changes to starting attributes or skills. Races
  • Savage Worlds has five primary attributes – Agility, Smarts, Spirit, Strength, and Vigor. They are self-explanatory and each one is important. Each starts at d4. To start you have 5 points to increase these attributes – each die raise costs a point, and your maximum is d12. Spend ‘em all cause they don’t carry over to anything else.
  • Savage Worlds has a basic list of skills that include such generic names as Fighting, Climbing, and Notice. Of special note is the Knowledge skill, which is the only skill to contain specialties. Taking Knowledge requires focusing on one of these, or you can come up with your own. To begin with you get 15 points to distribute among your skills. The cost is 1 point per die rank as long as the rank is equal to or less than its associated attribute. It costs 2 points for a die rank above the associated attribute. Again, divide out all of your skill points here as they are not usable elsewhere. Skills
  • Now is the time to choose from the list of Hindrances. These are divided up into Major Hindrances (worth 2 points) and Minor Hindrances (worth 1 point). You are only allowed to have 5 points worth of Hindrances. More details Hindrances
  • Choose any variable racial abilities, such as free Edges. Also spend any points gained from Hindrances (into increasing attributes, skills, or picking Edges). Edges
  • Gear out your hero. The economy of Dawnforge is based on the Silver Piece – there are no smaller or larger denominations. To start you get 500 Silver Pieces. Gear

Creating Heroes

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