Current Events

The current year is 997. Here is a brief description of the more ground-breaking events in the past few years on the world of Eadar.

The Kingsmarch Invasion

In 995, the tieflings of the Valhedar Dominion once again marched on the people of the Kingsmarch, bringing war and death with their fiendish armies. The tieflings and devils were spurred on by some unknown motive, and the Kingsmarch would have fallen were it not for the heroic Knights Adamant that rose up to break the Valhedrin legions. Valia Perenor, a young female Knight Adamant, rose up with a golden trumpet to rally the human forces, and the fiendish legions were defeated on the fields of Dor Erlon. But this victory was only the first battle in what promises to be a long and relentless war.

Kingsmarch Invasion

Sildanyr Civil War

The kingdom of Sildanyr is engaged in a bloody civil war between the dawn elves and the night elves. The immortal Lathail whispers into the ears of the night elves, telling them they must take by force what is their birthright – the throne of the elven kingdom and the First Tree itself. any dawn elves still hold hope that the night elves can be drawn back into the fold peacefully, but that hope fades with each new act of espionage and terrorism on the dawn elves.

Blizzard in the North

In the Icehammer Front far to the north, the half-dragon frost giant Anlar Icefang is beginning a crusade against the Storm King and his legions. The frost giants were exiled from the lands of the Storm King long ago for some unknown front, and Icefang seeks to make the immortal pay with blood. The frost giant clans are beginning to unite under the banner of their leader, and already packs of winter wolves calling themselves the White Judges stalk the borders of the Icehammer Front recruiting goblinoid tribes to Icefang’s cause.

The Untamed Continent

The far western continent of Tamerland was discovered in 972 by the famed explorer Maruphel of Seagarden, and it did not take long before explorers, adventurers, wizards, and criminals made their to the newly established port of Landsgage in hopes of finding riches and freedom in the new land. Untold wealth, powerful eldritch wells, and strange ruins have been uncovered in the 30 years since Tamerland’s discovery, but most scholars believe that the continent has yet to reveal its darkest secret.

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Current Events

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