The armies of the world need to be armed, and the heroes need goods in order to stem the tide of darkness that seems to threaten all the lands. Blacksmiths from all over Ambria, Tamerland, and Zangala work to create arms and armor of the finest quality.

So, too, the world of Eadar has magic running through parts of its core. Some people have learned to tap into this power as someone would dip a ladle into a well. But there are others who know how to bind the magic to the world and create items of wondrous power and might.

Tech Backgrounds allow heroes to create and upgrade gear and equipment, both mundanely and magically. They need access to proper facilities and tools in order to create items, but only need the tools to upgrade gear. Blacksmithing covers the actual forging of weapons, armor, and tools; Alchemy is used to create potions and powders that grant minor bonuses to users; and Enchanting governs imbuing existing items with magical properties.

Tech Background REPLACES the McGyver Edge found in the SW:EX.

Take a look at the common weapons and armor available in Dawnforge.

Creating Gear

Given enough time and resources a character with a Tech Background can create a functional piece of gear. This includes mundane equipment available for the setting, such as weapons, armor, ammo, and other gear. Alchemy, Blacksmithing, and Enchanting go about this in different ways and have different requirements and capabilities; for instance, Alchemy creates powders and potions that grant small bonuses to skills and attributes while Blacksmithing is used to forge weapons, armor, and tools. Enchanting is used to create magical items.

Upgrading Gear

The other primary use for Tech Backgrounds is to upgrade gear. This is available for Blacksmithing and Enchanting only; Alchemy can only create. This could be weapons, armor, or just normal equipment.

The first way is to give a bonus on a character’s skill roll when using that piece of equipment. This could be a tighter pull on a bow (increase to Shooting), additional lenses for a spyglass (increase to Notice), a serrated edge for a blade (increase to Fighting), or anything else the character can devise. An upgrade such as this normally requires 1d4 days to complete. At the end of the time frame the character makes a tech skill roll, with a success giving the gear a +1 equipment bonus to the appropriate skill (or +2 with a raise). The GM has final approval over any modification.

In addition many of the basic statistics of an item can be increased. These include damage, armor bonus, AP, or Parry, with an increase of +1 for a success or +2 with a raise. Weight can be decreased for non-vehicles by 1/10th or 1/5th with a raise. This takes the same 1d4 days to complete per piece of equipment upgraded.

A character can normally only upgrade a particular piece of gear once per rank. Equipment bonuses do not stack. (a pair of goggles that give +1 Notice do not stack with an enhanced spyglass scope that also give a +1 Notice). Normally there is no cost for these improvements.


Tech Background (Alchemy)

Tech Skill: Alchemy (Smarts)

Alchemists are prized for their versatility and usefulness in a variety of circumstances. While true magical potions are beyond the untrained the alchemist knows how to concoct a brew that grants its drinker, imbiber, eater, or subject a bonus to any trait roll (skill or attribute).

Before beginning the alchemist decides what trait roll to give the bonus to. The actual creation of the concoction requires 1d8 hours and an Alchemy roll; alchemists without a lab and tools suffer a -2 penalty to their roll. What the item is and how it is used is up to the creator (potion for drinking, goop for eating, salve for skin contact, or vapor for inhaling). Upon a successful Alchemy roll the item grants an alchemical bonus of +1 to the trait roll the round after it is used, or +2 with a raise. Consuming the item requires an action, and items normally last 1 month before expiring.

Alchemists can increase the potency of their concoctions with various Edges (


Tech Background (Blacksmith)

Tech Skill: Forging (Strength)

Blacksmiths create the weapons, armor, and tools used throughout the land of Ambria. They use the creating and upgrading gear rules as noted above.


Tech Background (Enchantment)

Tech Skill: Enchant (Smarts)

Enchanters use magic to enhance items, imbuing minor permanent bonuses to objects through magic. The Tech Background (Enchantment) Edge does not cover the creation of basic equipment, but does allow for upgrading as outlined above. Items upgraded by an enchanter are considered to be magical for the purposes of harming creatures and other effects. The creation of more powerful magical items is governed by the Create Magical Item Edge.


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