Outside the arcane energies of the world and the divine essence of the Spirit lies another force—nature. It is present in all the world’s trees, rocks, rivers, and oceans. Nature is more than a force, however. It is these things as much as they are a part of it. Although sentience, and thus the worries of consciousness, often causes people to lose connection with nature, some folks feel more a part of the world than they do a particular race, culture, or family. These individuals often spend their lives away from civilization, communing with the natural world and drawing sustenance and meaning from it.

Shamans are masters of the natural environment of the world. Through their bond with nature, they are able to draw sustenance from its energy. Their power over nature grants them many abilities, and they often borrow ambient power to fuel their spells and rituals. While not warriors, shamans put their instincts to good use in combat, and they often travel with powerful animals that can rip their enemies to shreds. That they can control the land around them makes them even more dangerous to those who are not prepared for a sudden change in the rules of engagement.

Arcane Background (Shaman)

Arcane Skill: Shamanism (Spirit) Starting Power Points: 10 Starting Powers: 2

Powers List: Armor, banish spirit, barrier, beast friend, boost/lower trait, burrow, curse, deflection, dispel, elemental manipulation, enchant weapon, entangle, environmental protection, fear, fly, ghost form, grave speak, invisibility, light, obscure, puppet, shape change, slumber, smite, spirit servant, spirit ward, summon beast, summon spirit, tempest, transfer soul, undead ward, viper weapon, vision quest.

Fetishes: Shamans use fetishes – pieces of bone, wooden carvings, or bags of leaves and herbs – to invoke the sacred spirits by rattling, rubbing, or burning them. Each shaman begins with a fetish, but if he ever loses it, all arcane skill rolls are made at -4 until he recovers it or makes a new one.

Making a new fetish takes three days spent gathering materials and a Shamanism roll at -6. Every extra day spent preparing the fetish in advance reduces the penalty by 1, to a maximum of zero. On a failure, the time is wasted and the shaman must begin again. A roll of 1 on the Shamanism die (regardless of the Wild Die) ruins the fetish and the shaman must also roll on the Backlash Table with a -2 penalty. A shaman may only ever own one fetish at a time (he cannot create spares in advance).

Native Spirits: When you take the Arcane Background (Shaman) Edge choose a terrain type from the following list: plains, warm forests, temperate forests, cold forests, hills, mountains, warm desert, cold desert, seas. When in his chosen terrain he gains a +1 bonus to his arcane skill rolls.

Backlash: If the shaman rolls a natural 1 on their Shamanism die (regardless of his Wild Die), he gains a level of Fatigue that lasts for 30 minutes.

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