SW Overview

Savage Worlds is a Fast! Furious! Fun! system designed to handle many different scenarios and situations with just a few simple rules.

Basic Rules

Character traits, which are divided between attributes (your base physical and mental stats) and skills (what you know and learn), are rated on a scale of d4 to d12+. Your target number for most rolls is 4, and dice can ace.

There are two types of people in Savage Worlds – Wild Cards and everyone else. Wild Cards are special people, named NPCs, and characters. Whenever a Wild Card makes a trait roll they roll an additional 1d6. This is called the Wild Die. You take the higher of the two rolls, and the Wild Die can ace as well.

Any penalties or bonuses your trait roll suffers is applied to the highest rolled number, whether it’s the attribute die or the Wild Die.

Untrained Checks

If you do not have a skill but wish to make an attempt at it, you are considered to have a d4 in the appropriate trait and the roll suffers a -2 penalty.


Combat is handled in rounds, with each Wild Card or combatant group beginning each round with an initiative card. Initiative is handled in cards and goes from Aces to Deuces, and within each card goes by suit – Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs.

On their turn each character declares what they are doing. The only hard and fast restriction is that you can only do the each action once, so you could not make two Fighting attacks (unless you have an Edge or ability that supersedes this). Moving your Pace is free and does not count as an action.

For each action beyond the first all of your trait rolls for the round suffer a cumulative -1 penalty. For instance, you could make a Fighting roll with a prepared weapon and an Intimidate check, but each of these rolls would suffer a -1 multi-action penalty. This is why it is important to declare your actions before you start rolling.


In Savage Worlds you gain an advance every 5 XP you earn. As you gain more advances your rank increases, from Novice (0 XP), Seasoned (20 XP), Veteran (40 XP), Heroic (60 XP), and Legendary (80 XP+). For Dawnforge, you are starting at Novice (0 XP) so you getno advances to begin.

An advance can be …
  • A new Edge that you qualify for.
  • An die type increase in two skills that are each equal to or lower than their linked attribute.
  • A die type increase in one skill that is greater than its linked attribute.
  • A die type increase to an attribute. NOTE This can only be take once per rank (so once for Novice, once for Seasoned, etc.).

SW Overview

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