Alharra Dawnbearer

The benevolent warrior-woman known throughout the Kingsmarch as Alharra has existed since the beginning of the world. When the barbarian tribes first immigrated to the Kingsmarch region, they brought with them a tradition of tribalism and internecine warfare. Alharra saw this and she wept for these humans who brought war to one another, for she knew that there were many other enemies in the world who would take advantage of their strife. She first appeared to the kings of the Deluin tribe in the guise of a beautiful and powerful woman clad in fine plate armor and riding a stout white steed.

She advised the kings of Deluin for generations, and some even whisper that the last few kings have her blood flowing through their veins, although the rumor is hushed for the most part. She slowly helped them to build their tribe into the greatest of all, a unified group of clans who all fought under a single banner—the Kingdom of Deluin. Alharra has not been active for more than a hundred years, but her legend is well known throughout the Kingsmarch and she has the largest active following of disciples in that land. She is the patron of Avennar and of the Order of Knights Adamant. Even some of the Faring Folk have taken to her legend and become active followers.

influencing the affairs of Deluin—her principles and guidance have become entrenched within the society itself. She is rumored to live in a large lake near the city of Avennar, where the main body of her worshippers is located. Some of her faithful make annual pilgrimages to the lake where she is said to make her home, and the area is a popular place for the disciples of Alharra to perform rituals in her honor and to beseech her aid.


Armor, barrier, beast friend, blast, bolt, boost/lower trait, burst, deflection, detect/conceal arcana, dispel, entangle, environmental protection, fear, fly, light, obscure, quickness, shape change, smite, speed.


To fight with bravery, to slay enemies of the faith, to defend disciples of the faith.


(Minor) showing mercy to an inferior foe, being beaten in combat by an equal or superior foe; (Major) fleeing a fight against an inferior opponent, being beaten in combat without good cause; (Mortal) surrendering without a fight.

Disciple of Alharra Dawn-bearer (Edge)

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