Heroes of Dawnforge come from all walks of life and all sorts of backgrounds. Presented here are some ideas to get your imagination flowing along with suggestions on Edges to take. It should be noted that these are not classes – simply suggestions on possible characters. Feel free to mix and match or create your own.

Alchemist: Creating concoctions to aid in their endeavors alchemists are sometimes viewed as hedge wizards or nothing more than small town vendors. But the power they can wield can be substantial and they have great freedom in what they decide to use. Tech Background (Alchemy) is a good start, the details of which are found here.

Archer: An elven marksman wandering the forests of Anderland, a dwarf crossbow expert keeping the Stormfells free of giants and other fell creatures, the archer is the definitive master at ranged combat. Look to the combat edges for your focus and spend all of your money on your precious bow or crossbow!

Assassin: In a world on the brink of war (or engaged in it already!) the services of an assassin are always in high demand. While the Dawnforge campaign is an epic story of heroes, not villains, a few shades of gray never hurt. Night elves make particularly good assassins, and you should look to the Assassin Professional Edge as a goal.

Barbarian: The concept of a fierce bronzed barbarian from uncivilized lands sparks the imagination of the people and creates a powerful image for heroes. Highlanders bathed in the blood of their enemies and dwarves who let the battle frenzy take over are just two examples. The Frenzy Edge should be an early choice.

Bard: Bards and troubadours wander the land, from far off Landsgate on the untamed continent of Tamerland all the way to the frigid Icehammer Front to the north. They bring news and spread stories of great deeds, and can often get swept up in the events they are supposing to be telling. For a spell casting option look to the Troubadour here and/or to the Bard Professional Edge.

Blacksmith: Blacksmiths keep the world running. They craft fabulous arms and armor for the grand armies of the world, and even the mighty lords of the Kingsmarch treat even the lowliest of such people with respect and honor. If you want to be able to fine tune your equipment and that of your companions look no further than here for details on the Tech Background (Blacksmith) Edge.

Crusader: A righteous pillar of holy strength, the crusader is a champion warrior dedicated to the service of one of the divine immortals. Your choice of immortal is vital to your hero and determines many things right from the get go, so take a look here for a description of the most prominent immortals of Eadar. The Champion Professional Edge should be your goal.

Disciple: If the crusader is the sword of the immortals, the disciple is the voice and heart. These are your holy men and women spreading the divine word about their chosen immortal, working to bring about their vision wherever possible on Eadar. A description of the biggest immortals can be found here along the details of the Disciple Edge for each, but also consider making up your own.

Knight: A classic hero image, the armored warrior astride a fierce mount is an excellent choice for a character. In Eadar, knights come in all shapes, from the noble and courage Knights Adamant in the Kingsmarch, to the Diamond Guards who protect the dwarven kingdom of Aradath, and even to the elven Wardens of the Endless Watch who keep the vigil along the Watching Wall on the borders of Sildanyr. Honorable but fealty-less knights also wander the heartland of Anderland in search of wrongs to right. These are all Professional Edges available here.

Lord: If you look to create a noble who’s just at home in the courts of kings and queens as well as on the road then you are looking to create a lord of some form. These are usually charismatic individuals of high stature, born into the grandest of societies, who can take to the world outside on quests of mercy or exploration – or desperation. The Rich and Very Rich Edges are good starting points.

Mind Walker: The powers of the psionically endowed person are a mystery to most people, who often accuse them of being witches (as normal magic is more accepted). The most proficient of these mind walkers are the dread yuan-ti of Zangala, and their outcasts and emissaries among the thinbloods carry on this legacy. The Arcane Background (Psionics) Edge is going to be your first stop, and details can be found here.

Pirate: The feel of sea spray on your face, the wind in your hair, and the sun at your back – that’s the life of a pirate. Really any seafaring character falls under this category, which includes the captains and sailors of the great galleons that sail the Sunset Reach to the river boat owners running cargo up and down the Torvun River into Gold Spring Lake. Saltbloods take naturally to this course, and the Pirate Professional Edge should be your start.

Ranger: Much of Eadar is yet untamed and contains great dangers of both a natural and unnatural nature. Brave souls are needed to lead exploratory parties into the hearts of Tamerland, and even braver men and women keep the norther borders of Anderland safe from marauding goblinoids as members of the Griffin Company. The Woodsman Professional Edge is a must have.

Scholar: Though the world is young there is still much history and knowledge to be gleaned and learned from, and the scholar is the one to plumb its depths. A thirst for knowledge and secrets keeps this type of hero going, and some take to arcane studies to further their studies. The Scholar Professional Edge and the various Knowledge skills (found here are your bread and butter.

Shaman: Immortals wield divine power and grant miracles to devout followers, but an older religion predates all of them by many hundreds of years. The shaman taps into the power of spirits and nature and seeks harmony with the world’s order. In Anderland this tradition is carried by the Panthic Order who revere several spirit guides, and in Sildanyr the shamanistic ways represent their connection to the fey realm. Arcane Background (Shaman) is detailed here and there are several Professional Edges available as well.

Thief: There’s always some rich merchant who got his silver through ill-gotten gains, or some fat lord getting rich off the sweat of slaves who needs a swift lesson from a skilled thief. Getting in and out of places undetected is their specialty, and also making sure they walk out with more than what they walked in with. The Thief Professional Edge is your best friend.

Vagabond: Pockets of Eadar have seen suffering and hardship more than its fair share, and the vagabond is a victim of such tragedy. They have no home, or at least no home that they can return to, and are doomed to wander the roads of the land in search of a new one. Minotaurs are especially attuned to this way of life having lost their heritage long ago from their rebellion against their giant masters. The Woodsman Professional Edge isn’t a bad place to start, but really the only limit is your imagination.

Warlord: Great armies need general to command them, and the warlord fits that bill. They are commanders of men, holding the line against impossible odds in desperate struggles to win the day against superior foes. Such heroes usually come from the Kingsmarch but mercenary companies with great leaders can be found wherever there is conflict. The various leadership Edges should be your meat and drink.

Warrior: Where there are wars there are men and women who fight them. The warrior is that person. They specialize in the axe, the sword, the bow, the blade, and use their weapon as an extension of their own will. Mercenaries and soldiers fall under this category along with sellswords, duelists, and anyone else who lives by the weapon. Trademark Weapon should be a goal for you.

Wizard: Arcane magic still infuses the world of Eadar and men have not yet fully understood the intricacies of this powerful art. Wizards are usually trained at an academy or a master, but the training usually boils down to feelings and impromptu learning sessions. Arcane Background (Magic) is your first stop, and then you should consider the Wizard and Archmage Professional Edges. Look to here for your guidance.


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