Athig Stonedweller

Athig Stonedweller

As the giants and dwarves battled for dominion over the Stormfells, their war raged in the caverns of stone. At one point in these battles, before the betrayal of the fire giants, a group of dwarves from Clan Isgar split off from the main force, dedicated to finding an emergency refuge for their brethren. The leader of this force was a tough warrior named Athig, whose concern for the dwarven people’s survival was well known. Athig’s force dug into the stone where no passages existed, using magic and muscle to carve out a future for his people. Then suddenly the dwarves were unable to find their way out of these caverns. Tunnels that should have been there were not, and individuals began to go missing. Meanwhile outside, the war raged on.

Athig soon found himself alone and unable to contact any dwarves on the outside of his self-made prison. The last few of his band were able to destroy the horrific creatures that had trapped them within the stone, but all died from their wounds. Dwarves on the outside were too busy fighting the giants to worry about their lost comrades, but the name of Athig would not be forgotten. Once the first war had ended and the dwarves had established their kingdoms on the surface of the world, dwarven sorcerers began to search for evidence of the lost party in the stone itself. Miraculously Athig heard their calls, having been kept alive by the energies of the earthen prison in which he found himself. After many centuries below ground, he had no desire to leave his stony prison, especially now that he could speak directly to his descendants through their links in the earth.

Athig’s tale spread throughout Clan Isgar, and it was not long before many began to worship the miracle of his survival—or as they referred to it, his resurrection in stone. Athig now aids his clansmen as best he can, granting them wisdom and power to defeat their enemies. Athig especially supports the idea that all dwarves should retreat below ground, even though such an idea is still not widely popular within the Three Kingdoms. Many dwarves of Clan Isgar revere Athig, but some dwarves of other clans believe that he may be a malevolent influence trying to draw the dwarves to their doom beneath the surface of the world.

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Athig Stonedweller

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