Although there are no true gods in the world of Dawnforge, immortal beings of great power walk among the warring civilizations of the known lands. These immortals grant spells and power to their followers, and also wield great personal power.

What follows is a brief description of the common immortals of Eadar.

Alharra Dawn-bearer

A benevolent warrior-woman known throughout the Kingsmarch, she has all but removed herself from the current scene. Alharra is rumored to live in a large lake near the city of Avennar.

Athig Stonedweller

Athig is a dwarven immortal, imprisoned underground during the first war against the giants of the Stormfells. He now speaks to the dwarven people through the stone, advising a policy of retreating to the safety below the earth.


Lathail is the malevolent immortal who spoke to the night elves when they followed her voice into the Morningstar Mountains. She is a lover of predators, especially wolves, bats, and spiders. Many night elves revere her.


An ancient spirit of flame and stone, Mordrin has guided the dwarven race since they emerged from the very bones of Eadar. He is said to dwell deep below Mount Aradrun where the dwarves first came to the world.

The Storm King

The leader of the giants of the Stormfells for countless years, it was the Storm King that led the wars against the dwarves and hunted the dragons to extinction in Ambria. He rules the giant kingdom in his citadel atop Mount Imperion.

The Whiskey Man

The Whiskey Man is an immortal human (perhaps giant?) that runs The Four Winds Tavern in northern Anderland. His hospitality is legendary, and he is regarded fondly as an immortal representing travel, alcohol, and innkeepers.

The Wyrm of Winter

A great white dragon that fought the Storm King when glaciers ruled Ambria, the wyrm has been asleep for nearly two decades. The offspring of the wyrm and a powerful frost giant queen gave the world Anlar Icefang, a ruthless foe that threatens all civilization.


A slumbering serpent immortal, it was Zalaph that sat upon the throne in Zangala and whipped the yuan-ti into a worship that persists even to today. It is rumored that he sleeps in a pit below the great city of Marazan and awaits some dreaded day when the yuan-ti will rise from their jungles to the south.


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