Knowledge Specialties

In Dawnforge, Knowledge skills are generally the practical side of Common Knowledge. For instance, a character with a background as a siege engineer can use Common Knowledge to determine whether enemy catapults are in range, but he needs Knowledge (Siege Artillery) if he wants to fi re his own catapult with any accuracy.

The following major Knowledge skills are used in the Dawnforge setting. Remember, if a hero buys a skill, the GM should make sure he has chance to use it regularly.

Arcana: The study of arcane and occult matters, from the various types of magic to mystic runic alphabets to knowledge of the elemental realms or the Abyss.

Area: The study of a given region, its people, places, and customs. The larger the area covered by the skill, the higher penalty a GM should impose for specific information. For instance, a hero who has Knowledge (Ambria) should have at least a –4 penalty to know the name of a good tavern in Anderland, whereas a character with Knowledge (Anderland) should get no penalty. Knowledge of a character’s home domain is covered by Common Knowledge.

Battle: The practical application of tactics and strategy, as well as logistics and recruitment. Also covers knowledge of famous battles, tactics, and generals.

Craft: Every craft, such as carpentry, pottery, smithing, and weaving is a separate knowledge skill. A crafter can use Common Knowledge to appraise goods similar to his Craft specialty.

Folklore: Covers the legends, stories, and poems, in addition to well-known gossip. Knowledge of folklore within a character’s home region is covered by Common Knowledge.

Heraldry: Knowledge of the coats of arms, banners, and shield designs of the noble houses, clans, and religions of Eadar. Knowledge of nobles and heraldic designs within a character’s home region is covered by Common Knowledge.

History: Study of major historical events. Knowledge of events before the disaster always incurs a penalty, ranging from –1 to –6, depending on the degree of information being sought.

Law: An understanding of the major laws of every realm. Knowledge of the laws within a character’s home region is covered by Common Knowledge.

Monsters: This is broken down into specific types of monster, like demons, fey, giants, golems, orcs, or undead.

Religion: The study of the various immortals and their followers. Disciples and paladins may use Common Knowledge for matters regarding their own faith.

Riddles: Riddle contests are a popular form of entertainment among the civilized races.

Siege Artillery: Used for firing ballistae, catapults, and other siege weapons.


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Knowledge Specialties

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