When the elves of Itheria first emerged into Sildanyr, they knew they had found a special realm. It did not take long for the night elves to begin to resent their inferior status and wish for a more equal role in elven society. When this was not forthcoming, the night elves began to meet in secret to discuss their options and give themselves a sense of purpose. While open warfare was not considered an option, the night elves plotted to advance themselves within society. During this time some of the rebellious elves heard a voice calling to them from beneath the earth. They followed the voice to the Morningstar Mountains, where they descended into the depths to have their first meeting with the creature known as Lathail.

Lathail appeared to them in a form they could relate to—that of a night elf. She whispered dark things into their ears, slowly corrupting them and turning them into preachers of hatred against the dawn elves who had effectively enslaved their people. She granted powers to these first few disciples so that they would see what she could give them, and encouraged them to spread her faith in secret so that the night elves could at long last have something of their own in which to take pride.

She revealed herself as a lover of predators, especially those who hunted by stealth or in the night. Wolves, bats, and spiders were her favored animals, and these became a part of the growing night elf underground. When her followers could no longer keep their plotting secret, they struck at the dawn elves. The result was horrific, as nighttime raids and assassinations shed blood across the forest of Sildanyr. Lathail pressed her followers to take more and more action against the dawn elves, who were taken by surprise and were having trouble repelling the surprise attacks. Through all of this, Lathail’s name was not to be spoken. The night elves took this prohibition to be sacred, and to this day they do not speak her name except to privately invoke her aid.

Now, as the civil war rages in the heart of Sildanyr, Lathail has removed herself from view to watch the strife that she has wrought. She still speaks to her most loyal disciples, and grants them aid whenever she sees fit. Her chaotic nature only fuels the night elves’ desire to please her, and her cult is growing ever stronger as the war rages on.

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