Eadar’s arcane magic has yet to clearly define itself, and as such it is still wild and untamed, leaking into the world through arcane wellsprings that can be found all throughout the known and unknown lands. The nature of magic is still not fully understood by the sages and wizards of the world – they have yet to decipher the common bond that holds all magic together and allows it to function the way it does.

Practitioners of the arcane arts organize magic into four aspects. Each aspect is comprised of several schools of magic, some of which overlap. When a character takes the Wizard Professional Edge, he must focus on the study of a single aspect, known as his bond. Once a wizard chooses his bond, it cannot be changed. He is not precluded from learning to cast powers associated with the other aspects, but he will never be able to master them in the same way.

Wizard (Professional Edge)

Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background (Magic), Smarts d8+, Knowledge (arcana) d6+, Spellcasting d6+

You are a practiced wizard of Eadar, schooled in arcane processes and taught by a master (at an academy or by a single teacher). When taking the Wizard Edge you must choose one of the four aspects: life, dominion, dreams, or entropy. You gain one of the spells listed that you don’t already know, which can all be learned and cast at Novice rank. When casting spells associated with your aspect you gain the special ability listed below. Additional aspect focuses can be taken with the Magic Aspect Edge.

Archmage (Professional Edge)

Requirements: Seasoned, Wizard, Knowledge (arcana) d8+, Spellcasting d8+

The archmage is a true master of the sorcerous arts able to weave powerful spells and advance the ways of magic in the world. Each raise an archmage gets on his Spellcasting roll reduces the cost of the spell by 1 Power Point. The archmage must have the points available to cast the spell in the first place before rolling.

The Four Aspects

Wizards and arcane sages refer to magic in terms of the four aspects – life, entropy, dreams, and dominion. Each of the four aspects is represented by a principle of the universe that is given anthropomorphic motives and thought in some traditions.

Wizard of Life


Wizard who bond with the aspect of life tend to be civic-minded helpers rather than bold adventurers or manipulative warlocks. They use their magic to aid in the construction of buildings and the defense of the communities in which they live. Sometimes a life-bonded wizard will be moved to leave his home in search of powerful artifacts or in support of friends and family who choose to seek their own legend in the world at large. This is the most common of the four aspects to be studied by wizards in the human lands, especially in the wizard colleges of Ebernath.

Powers: Armor, barrier, environmental protection, stun

  • Arcane Mastery: The caster’s arcane skill Wild Die increases by one die type when casting the above spells.

Wizard of Entropy


Pursuers of the secrets of entropy are obsessed with the processes of destruction and the link between life and death in a world without gods. Many believe that magic holds the spirit in the body, explaining why magic has the power to sever, weaken, and repair the connection. Golems and other constructs hold fascination for the entropy-bonded wizards, who regard this life without spirit as fascinating, and potentially leading to the secret behind true life.

Powers: Blast, bolt, deflection, smite

  • Armor Penetration: A damaging spell has AP 2. This counts against Armor provided by Arcane Resistance and stacks with any other similar bonus, such as an acid trapping.

Wizard of Dreams


Wizards bonded to the aspect of dreams use their magic to mislead, disguise, and alter perceptions and reality to get what they want. They believe magic is just another tool with which to further their goals, although those goals are not always selfish or narrow-minded. They often learn the arts of stealth and disguise to augment their magical abilities, and enjoy testing their magic in real situations and adventures.

Powers: Confusion, disguise, fear, obscure

  • Range: The hero treats his relevant attribute as one step higher for the purpose of determining the spell’s Range. Fixed range spells (such as bolt) have their range increased by 2/4/8. Touch and Self spells are unaffected by this ability.

Wizard of Dominion


Very few wizards choose the path of dominion, as it lacks the diversity of life or dreams and the raw power of entropy. What the aspect of dominion grants, however, is a unique combination of powers that allows a bonded wizard to attract and control others, be they living, dead, or not of this world. Dominion is widely regarded in human lands as an evil and taboo art, while it is embraced in the southern cultures of Valhedar and Zangala. An all-female group of dominion cultists lives on the plains of northern Anderland. They are the subject of many halfling and Anderlar legends that say these witches steal away their children for vile experiments and to tact as slaves once the are fully grown.

Powers: Boost/lower trait, burst, slumber, summon ally

  • Selective: When casting a spell with a template effect, the caster decides who is and isn’t affected, to a maximum of half his arcane skill die. For instance, a mage with an arcane skill of d8 can drop a blast over a group of allies and foes and cause no damage to four of his comrades.

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