The Storm King

Storm King

Balon Thunderhorn is a great hero of the giants of the Stormfells, a masterful leader in the wars against the dwarves and the most skilled dragon hunter in the history of the known lands. He has dwelled in the mountains since the time before history when the glaciers claimed Ambria, and he waged war with the Wyrm of Winter at the dawn of time. He exiled the frost giants, turned back the onslaught of the fire giants, and united the remaining giant clans into a loose nation.

Now the Storm King rules from his citadel atop Mount Imperion, staying hidden within its walls and leaving the everyday affairs of his kingdom to those beneath him. The giant tribes are unified by his power, both military and spiritual. Even those that do not believe in him as a god-figure are awed by his military genius and the truce he forged with the dwarves that saved them from endless war. While the Storm King is rarely seen, even by the disciples who call upon his power, he holds sway over all the giants of the Stormfells and his rule is not questioned openly by any in his kingdom.

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The Storm King

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