The Wyrm of Winter

Wyrm of Winter

Before the age of man and orc in the north, great glaciers spread across the plains and mountains of Ambria. This frozen land was ruled by two godlings, the Storm King and the great white dragon called the Wyrm of Winter. The battles between the giant and dragon endured for centuries and became a tale that is told by giant skalds to this day. In the end, despite the treachery of the frost giants, Balon Thunderhorn was victorious over his enemy. The Storm King killed hundreds of dragons, and the Wyrm of Winter was forced to withdraw, fleeing to a secret lair deep in the northern mountains. With the great wyrm’s retreat, the glaciers were forced back as his chilling influence on the lands of Ambria faltered, and then failed. Awarming sun heralded the end of an age, and civilization dawned in the world of Eadar.

The Wyrm of Winter slept for many generations. The exiled frost giants who followed him north slowly built their own civilization, as men, orcs, and other humanoids began to appear in the icy plains that were left by the receding glaciers. When the dragon awoke, he found that many of these new civilizations had grown around his worship, and he made himself known to the most powerful—the frost giants. Eventually the Wyrm of Winter mated with a powerful frost giant queen, who gave birth to their half-breed son, Anlar Icefang.

The Wyrm of Winter has not been active for nearly two decades, and rumors abound as to the reasons for his absence. His disciples still receive their spells, however, and a white wyrm visits them on occasion when they call for his assistance.

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Disciples of the Wyrm of Winter

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The Wyrm of Winter

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