In a time before the dwarves wrote of the Battle of the First Stone, when the glaciers still cast their icy shroud over the hills of Ambria, there was an emperor in the south whose poison gaze fell over all the world. His form was both man and snake and he felt a b u r n i n g hatred and c o n t emp t for all those not of his blood. The snake men were trapped on their continent of sweltering forests and blazing deserts, however, and so he watched from afar as the dwarves, giants, and humans made their way onto the northern continent.

Zalaph impressed this hatred onto his people as he whipped and brutalized them into a mass of serpentine followers whose devotion was without fail. The yuan-ti empire spread across the continent and Zalaph commanded his people to build temples in his honor, great stone ziggurats that featured bloated statues of the snake god. The walls of these great stone temples and mausoleums were filled with paintings and carvings showing their god-emperor in all his cruelty and glory. The yuan-ti’s fanaticism was unwavering.

Centuries ago, however, Zalaph withdrew into a pit below the great city of Marazan and fell into a deep slumber. As the centuries passed, the power of Zalaph’s cult waned, as the yuan-ti turned their prayers and sacrifices to new gods, the talazur.

Recently construction has resumed on temples, mausoleums, and other structures across Zangala. Rumors out of the jungle empire speak of a grand scheme put into place centuries ago but only now being brought to its conclusion. None have so far braved the jungle realm to find out what is really going on, but all the world fears the day when Zalaph will awaken and unleash his poisonous fury on the world.

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