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World Overview

Eadar is an awakening world of wonder, excitement, adventure, and danger. Here is presented a quick glance of the world to get started.

Take a tour of the Continents to get a lay of the land.

See what the mighty have wrought in the key Civilizations of Dawnforge.

There are no gods in Dawnforge. Instead, powerful Immortals grant miracles to devout disciples.

Catch up on Current Events and learn what’s going on in this world.

Learn more about the Races that populate this high fantasy world.

Discover the secrets of Arcana including Magic, Miracles, Psionics, and Shamans.

Marvel at the power of the Forge and the wondrous things that can be created.

Campaign Details

The Dawnforge campaign takes place over two separate story lines between two separate groups of heroic characters. Each will be handled in segments in turn, and each segment will be about 7 sessions or so (give or take).

The starting point for each group is listed below. Both campaigns will begin in the spring of 997.

Group A: The Ghost and The Wind

The first group of characters will start on the continent of Ambria in the Anderlar city of Riversend. Riversend is a rough and tumble city, home to many a would-be adventurer and explorer eager to head out into the northern wilderness. The Golden Spring Festival will mark the beginning of the campaign, which includes the crowning of the Green Man and Lady of Flowers (two fertility spirits revered throughout Anderland). Characters will get a chance to interact in the festivities which include a drunken race!

Group B: The Undiscovered Lands

The second group will start aboard the Maiden’s Luck, a ship bound for the bustling port city of Landsgate on the newly discovered continent of Tamerland. Characters should be created that have some goal in Tamerland – perhaps to get rich, perhaps to explore, or perhaps to escape some past on the Ambrian continent behind them.

Making Your Hero

With two heroes to make you don’t have to force yourself into one specific role. Explore your options here and see what wonders await you.

Savage Worlds Overview

Curious about the basics of the Savage Worlds system? Learn what you need to know about how the game works here.

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